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What is your website?
What is your Telegram?
What is you Twitter?
What is your Medium?
What is the $RASTA Token Contract Address:
What is the $MRASTA Token Contract Address:
When can I start farming and staking?
Our Launch Block for farming is #5645555.
Do you have an audit?
We have been audited by TechRate, please find the report here:
When will you be listed on CoinGecko or CoinMarketCap?
CoinGecko is still in the works, they have partially listed us, but there is something up with them.
What is ZION token?
This is the way we can track how much $RASTA you are staking in the pools. What is maximum supply?
6,000,000 Max Supply Cap
Is this a rug pull?
This is not a rug pull and we are doing everything in our control to prove & communicate that we are here for the long run. As DeFi users ourselves we understand how important trust, communication, and listening to feedback is for the longevity of a platform. We aim to exceed each of those needs by having daily & weekly votes on what should be the number one priority and area of focus for RastaFiance.
You can verify us on
Are there risks associated with yield farming?
Yes there are multiple risks such as: Impermanent Loss, volatile price swings, hacks, etc.
How do I connect my wallet?
Make sure to do some reading up on the BSC, but when you’re ready, get a MetaMask wallet and connect it to Binance Smart Chain using the guide below. If you’re having some trouble, make sure to join the Telegram community and reach out for help.
MetaMask Connection Guide:
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