Please meet our beautiful NewToken, $MRASTA aka Ms. Rasta Token
You have spoken, and we have listened.
$MRASTA or Ms. Rasta Token will be the name of our beautiful and precious NewToken.
There will only ever be 600,000 $MRASTA Tokens, so they will be very rare.
In order to not make you wait any longer, we will be launching the brand new Ms. Rasta Farms and Pools in the next few hours (LINK TO COUNTDOWN).
Make sure to stay close to your screens, because you want to deposit your $RASTAs as soon as you can, so that you may start earning our beautiful Ms. Rasta Token.
So what will $MRASTA do for $RASTA and RastaFinance?
Without Yin, there is no Yang.
Without Light, there is no Dark.
$MRASTA is the other half of $RASTA.
Every interaction with this fierce lioness will further stimulate the platform, and especially the $RASTA, in the form of enabling buy-backs and burns of the Mr. Rasta Token ($RASTA).
$MRASTA will also grant you priority access to some brand new upcoming RastaFinance features (please read about them at or the previously published medium article
How will the Ms. Rasta Farms work exactly?
In order to incentivize existing $RASTA holders, who are TrueRasta believers, the easiest and free method of obtaining $MRASTA will be by staking your RastaDEX LP tokens (RLP Tokens) for BNB/RASTA or BUSD/RASTA.
Furthermore, you can also add RASTA/MRASTA liquidity to create the loving bond between Mr and Ms. Rasta and be rewarded handsomely for it. (Highest multiplier)
3% of Farming Rewards will be dedicated to burning $RASTA and 10% of the Rewards will be allocated to the Primary Operating Account.
There will be no transactional burns, as this would prevent a Binance listing down the line. (This is the only CEX we are actually interested in listing)
How will the Ms. Rasta pools work?
Another great way to earn $MRASTA is by staking your $RASTA. There is a small fee for this, but it will go straight to burning.
Also, in order to drive further revenue to the platform, we will be implementing Stable Coin Pools for you to obtain the precious Ms. Rasta ($MRASTA), but their yields will also be lower than if you were to stake your existing $RASTA tokens.
3% of the Fees will be allocated to buying and burning $RASTA and 3% of the Fees will be allocated to Development.
What can I expect from Ms. Rasta?
Well she is definitely going to bring some wonderful feminine energy into our blessed platform, and we are very grateful for this ❤
She will be used as our Primary Governance token, which definitely suggests that RastaFinance might be a matriarchy after all.
She will also enable a wonderful and unique NFT use-case that does not involve just another silly marketplace.
We are really excited for her arrival, because
She rules this kingdom.
We are so grateful for all of the love we have been receiving from the community. We want to remind everyone, that RastaFinance is merely just starting. We are growing every single day ❤
One Love,
RastaFinance Team
Last modified 6mo ago
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