MRASTA Announcement
Please meet our beautiful NewToken, $MRASTA aka Ms. Rasta Token
You have spoken, and we have listened.
$MRASTA or Ms. Rasta Token will be the name of our beautiful and precious NewToken.
There will only ever be 600,000 $MRASTA Tokens, so they will be very rare.
So what will $MRASTA do for $RASTA and RastaFinance?
Without Yin, there is no Yang.
Without Light, there is no Dark.
$MRASTA is the other half of $RASTA.
$MRASTA is also the primary token of the Zion LaunchPad Platform (, empowering music artists from all over the world. Creating a unique MRASTA-based Artist Economy.
Every interaction with this fierce lioness will further stimulate the platform, and especially the $RASTA, in the form of enabling buy-backs and burns of the Mr. Rasta Token ($RASTA).
How do I get MRASTA?
Easiest way to get ahold of MRASTA is through swapping it for the RASTA token. You can buy both of them on our decentralized swap at
You can also earn more MRASTA through the ZionLP Platform (ZLP), where you can buy unique NFTs from your favourite up and coming artists, and even stake them on the ZLP platform for a high return on your NFTs. Show support for the artist, and participate in their success with them.
What can I expect from Ms. Rasta?
Through MRASTA, the ZLP will propel RastaFinance into its first real world use-case and build a whole new suite of tools for upcoming music artists.
She rules this kingdom, and she is the bread winner ;)
We are so grateful for all of the love we have been receiving from the community. We want to remind everyone, that RastaFinance is just starting. We are growing every single day ❤
One Love,
RastaFinance Team
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