RASTA Voting
Cast your vote, send your token!
As a part of the Rasta.Finance Manifesto, we intend to introduce a voting platform on the BSC as a governance solution to fully democratize and decentralize the decision making processes in our project and to enable our community to prioritize and to direct the development of it according to its needs. The voting mechanism will work as follows: Before each vote, an online bulletin will describe the nature of the vote and the alternatives to choose. Special RastaVote voting tokens will be minted and will be distributed to the wallets of community members (i.e. existing holders of RASTA tokens). Additionally, special wallets will be opened to signify each alternative for voting. Community members will vote by transferring RastaVote tokens to the wallet of their preferred voting alternative. When the time for voting is finished, a smart contract will lock all the wallets of the voting alternatives (so no additional RastaVote tokens can be accepted) and will burn all the RastaVote tokens in wallets that are not the voting alternative wallets (owned by members that did not vote). The voting alternative wallet with the highest amount of RastaVote tokens represents the decision taken by the community.
This is the structure we are currently working on implementing, we anticipate that this mechanism will be live within the first 3 months of launch. Until then, we intend to utilize slightly simpler alternatives.
Community Voice is Key for RASTA Success.
Last modified 9mo ago
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