The Buoyancy Fund
Address: 0xf2A92c2d85C1A5e4F5A6d4B99C4C8F74D85fBD06
The primary aim of the project is to cultivate trust and recognition of the value that our platform and token have to offer to our community and users. Unfortunately, some of the former ICOs/IFOs of cryptocurrencies were characterized by high price volatility of tokens that deterred potential users from purchasing them and in some cases attracted speculators and fast profit seekers. In order to prevent these types of short-term gains and speculative behaviour and to elevate the trust in our platform, our token should be traded with limited degrees of price volatility and changes that cause many potential investors and users to doubt the authenticity of our project vision and its prospects of success in the long-run. Therefore, the relative stability of the value of our token is paramount for its success and widespread adoption. To guarantee that the token will be traded with a limited degree of price volatility and to deter speculative behaviour, our platform includes a Buoyancy Fund that mitigates the effects of over-supply and over-demand on the value of the RASTA token, thus lowering the volatility of its price.
The Buoyancy Fund includes a dedicated volume of widely used more stable cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin and ETH, and hopefully BNB at some point) that will be allocated as a fixed percent of the funding raised in the ICO. Additionally, the Buoyancy Fund wallet will include the unsold RASTA tokens from the pre-sale. When excessive amount of RASTA tokens are offered for sale, the Buoyancy Fund will begin purchasing them with its cryptocurrency assets and adding the RASTA tokens to its wallet. Consequently, as Rasta tokens are purchased through the Buoyancy Fund's operations, demand is created, which mitigates the excessive supply, hence stabilizing the value of the token and attracting other buyers to invest in it. Alternatively, when over-demand to the token is present, the Buoyancy Fund will offer tokens from its wallet for purchase, hence reducing the volatility that is caused by the excessive demand.
4% of the ongoing profits from Rasta.Finance's operations will be added to the Buoyancy Fund to increase its balancing capabilities and its flexibility to mitigate supply and demand in a broader range of market scenarios.
We are working on locking the buoyancy fund into a smart contract that would lock this amount, and utilize it only during certain times when needed.
Last modified 8mo ago
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