The Trust Fund
Address: 0x437326807aAA8be7C0E3d89ab8C9072BC7614131
The strength of Rasta.Finance results from developing a strong, trustful and loyal community of users and RASTA token holders. To facilitate the creation and the development of such a community, Rasta.Finance will establish a Trust Fund that will compensate holders of Rasta tokens with additional tokens for choosing Rasta tokens as a part of their long-term holdings. Every period (to be determined via a community vote), an amount of RASTA tokens will be distributed via the blockchain from the Trust Fund to the wallets of RASTA token holders in proportion to their holdings and the duration of time that they hold their tokens. Doing so, the Trust Fund aims at strengthening the link between the members of our community and the Rasta.Finance platform, thanking them for their trust and membership.
As per the community's suggestions, we are working on locking this amount into a smart contract as well.
We hope to further refine and adjust our mechanisms as the community begins to thrive.
Last modified 8mo ago
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