Rasta Economy
Rasta.Finance is aimed at making use of the latest craze on the BSC of AMM farms, in order to grow and cultivate a community of believers and supporters.
Due to its relatively low transaction fees, the Binance Smart Chain is poised to become one of the leading networks to host the latest DeFi protocols that the space has to offer.
Our aim is to initialize the spirit of the community, grow it and slowly hand over the ropes to leading members of the community that have stuck around the longest and have contributed the most to the projects long term success
Yield farming and staking your tokens will be the primary functions of the portal, but they will certainly not be the last.
Without further ado, lets share some basic details of the Rasta Tokenomics:
  • Platform will use RASTA as its main denomination
  • ZION tokens currently hold no use case besides serving as a proof-of-stake, but we do hope to make cool uses of it in the future.
  • There will also be issuances of ancillary tokens that serve Governance and Voting purposes, please stay tuned to catch their announcement in the coming weeks.
We anticipate to hold our first community vote in order to determine our next emission per block.
Happy Farming Fellow Rasta!
Last modified 8mo ago
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