Rasta.Finance is aimed at making use of the latest advancements on the Binance Smart Chain, in order to grow and empower music artists from all over the world.
Due to its relatively low transaction fees, the Binance Smart Chain is poised to become one of the leading networks to host the latest DeFi protocols that the space has to offer.
Since 2020, the RASTA Token has been utilized through:
  • The RastaFinance dApp (https://app.rasta.finance)
  • The RastaDex (https://swap.rasta.finance)
  • RastaDividend NFTs hosted on AirNFTs (https:airnft.com/creators/RastaNFT)
  • and now it will be providing a pivotal role for the https://ZionLP.com platform (Zion LaunchPad)
Without further ado, lets share some basic details of the Rasta Tokenomics:
  • Users can swap, farm, and mint RASTA through various means. (https://app.rasta.finance/farms)
  • The only way to purchase the precious MRASTA Token is through RASTA Token. (https://swap.rasta.finance)
MAX SUPPLY: 6,000,000 RASTA (There will never be any more $RASTA than this amount) INITIAL YIELD: 0.25 RASTA/PER BLOCK YIELD @ 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY (21/03/22): 0.1 RASTA/PER BLOCK
Happy Farming and Earning Fellow Rasta!
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